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Everywhere we look for basketball, we see games, we see kids shooting 3-pointers, and playing one-on-one against someone else. The concern that most parents, coaches, and trainers have is that these players are not improving their fundamentals. At All Net Basketball, we teach the basic principles, as well as advanced concepts of basketball to give every player the ability to take their game to the next level.

Individual Training Session

Each player gets a 60 minute, personalized one-on-one  training session that is tailored to focus on that player’s weaknesses while making their strengths stronger. We train all ages and skill sets. 

Beginner – We all have to begin somewhere, and “at the start” is usually the best place. The #1 concern with all young players is that they develop bad habits before anyone can help correct it. At All Net Basketball, we focus on the fundamental and teach every aspect of basketball. We will cover the rules of basketball, and teach proper techniques for defense, dribbling, passing, and most importantly, shooting!

Intermediate– Teaching Intermediate players the next level of basketball means that we increase the intensity and efficiency of his/her game. These players are the ones that understand the concepts of basketball but feel they need to improve their overall game. Teaching the player how to get their shot off quicker will make them more difficult to guard on offense. We also teach the principles of defense, offense, and how to properly read the defense/offense with and without the ball.

Advanced – At this point, shooting technique should be second nature, now it is time to teach the player to get his/her shot off quicker while increasing efficiency. Teaching how to score within the offense, reading screens, seeing 2-3 passes ahead of the current play, defensive principles, and getting them to understand how important ‘Time, Score, and Momentum’ are in the game of basketball. Our goal at the end of our Advanced Training sessions is to create an extension of the coach out on the floor through the player.

Specific Skill Training – All players skill sets do not advance at the same level as other skills. We offer specific individualized skill work on topics such as agility, strength, conditioning, finishing with contact, shooting off the dribble, coming off of screens, how to effectively use the ‘pick-and-roll’, and defensive principles that will help the player always be ‘in the right place, at the right time’.

Group/Team Training Session

Our group/team workouts offer the same teachings and drills, except now we can add competitive drills to give them a “game simulation” experience.Being able to understand where each player should be on the court at all times, will help with their efficiency. This is also great for friends or teammates that can take their games to the next level, and become a dynamic duo  on the court. 

*Please contact All Net Basketball about rates for each type of training session 
**Shooting Clinics can be conducted ANYWHERE in the United States. (Cost of travel/airfare included in pricing)
***Individual/Group training sessions are ONLY for the locations in San Diego, CA


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