photo-2“Brett is a tremendous player, he has the green light, he can flat out shoot the rock” {2001}                                                                                                                                             -Bill Self; Head Coach Kansas University

“I’ve been around basketball for 20+ years, I still haven’t seen someone get as hot as Brett Melton from beyond the Arc. Hands down the best shooter I have ever seen”       -Anthony Figueroa, Head Coach Parkland College

“That kid (Brett Melton) has an NBA ready jump shot” {1999}                                         –     Hubie Brown, NBA Coach, Hall of Fame inductee 2005

“Brett, I think you’re one hell-of-a player. I know you’re going big-time, so this isn’t a recruiting letter. Just a note to wish you luck and tell you to keep working. I honestly believe you can play after college in the league. It will take a ton of work, but I think if you want it, you can achieve it!” Greg Lansing, Asst. Coach Indiana State Univ.

“It was a joy to watch Brett during this summer. His jumper is an art form, a tribute to the hard work he has put in” {1999} – Jerry Hobbie, Asst. Coach Indiana State Univ.

“The best thing about Brett is that no matter how many shots he makes or misses, he always believes the next shot is going in” -Ricardo Patton, Head Coach Colorado University

“Mike Bibby is the best player I’ve ever coached, and Brett Melton is better than that” {1998} – Rick Moss, Illinois Basketball High School Coaches Hall of Fame

“I saw Danny Ainge last week and he said you shot lights out this summer. Keep up the good work” {Summer 1999} -Steve Henson, NBA Asst Coach Atlanta Hawks

“Brett was born to beat the zone, that is his fortè” -Bill Tosheff, 1951-1952 NBA Rookie of the Year; Founder of ‘Pre-1965 NBAPA’

“Best shooter I ever played with or against” -Kevin Kruger; Point Guard ASU/UNLV, Professional Germany, Belgium, NBA-Developmental League

“One of the Top 5 shooters I have ever seen” -Tony Farmer, NBA 1996-2003

“I still think Brett can shoot better than anyone in the league, that boy got a flame” {2006} -Brian Cook, University of Illinois, NBA 2003-2012

“I respect all basketball players. I remember Brett’s game, he could play!” -AJ Guyton, Point Guard, Indiana University, NBA 2000-2003

“One of the purest shooters in the nation, athletic ability is present, allowing him to create his own shotBasketball World, 2000″ –

“Brett Melton has the quickest jumper we’ve seen all year” -SoCal Hoops, 1999

“By far, the best 3-point shooter this year” -High School Elite, 2000 

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